Dining Terms and Conditions - Academic Year 2020-21


All funds and plans purchased for use in Clemson Home Dining locations are for the personal use of the owner of the account or plan only and are non-transferable.  The Clemson Home dining funds and plans cannot be used as a gift card or gift certificate. Access dates, semester opening and closing of Dining Halls and retail locations are closely connected to the academic calendar and are readily available through the Dining website and social media outlets.

1. First-Year Clemson Student Meal Plan Requirement

All first-year students who begin in the fall semester and live in University Housing are required to select an Unlimited meal plan through the spring semester of their first year.

This includes the Unlimited 300, Unlimited 200, and Unlimited 100 meal plans. Other meal plan options do not satisfy the first-year requirement.

Fall semester: First-year students who are required to select a meal plan, but do not select a meal plan by the Sunday before the start of classes will be assigned the Unlimited 200 meal plan and will be required to pay all associated fees and charges.

Spring semester: The selected fall meal plan will automatically be assigned as the spring meal plan option and the associated charges will be added to the spring tuition bill.

2. Bridge Student Meal Plan Policy and Requirement 

Bridge students living in Clemson University housing are required to purchase the Block 175 Meal Plan.  Please note that the meal plans or Paw Points purchased pursuant to this agreement may only be used on Clemson University's campus.

3. Upgrade, Downgrade, and Cancellation

Downgrade and Cancellation (January 19-22): With the exception of first-year and Bridge students, students may request to downgrade or cancel their meal plan. Such requests must be submitted from January 19-22 to the  TigerOne Card Office by emailing
tigeronecard@clemson.edu, or visiting their office in person 9am-3pm. A $40 cancel/downgrade fee will apply.

After the period specified above, students will not be able to downgrade or cancel their meal plan except as provided in the Appeal Process set forth below.

Upgrade (Starting January 19): Students may upgrade their meal plan throughout the semester by emailing tigeronecard@clemson.edu.

4. Refunds

Except as provided in this section and in the Upgrade, Downgrade, and Cancellation section, meal plans and Paw Points are nonrefundable.

First-year students and Bridge students who live in University Housing may only terminate their meal plan for one of the following reasons: 

a. Approval by University Housing to commute (must live within Anderson, Pickens, or

    Oconee Counties);

b. Withdrawal from the University or failure to enroll;

c. Absence from the University for academic reasons (e.g., study abroad or co-op);

d. Medical condition with dietary requirements that cannot be met by Dining

    provided that the student:

  1.  Submits documentation from a physician to the Housing & Dining Appeals Committee

       and to Student Accessibility Services setting forth the student's specific dietary

     requirements, and

2. Meets with the University’s Registered Dietitian.

e. Other good cause as determined by the Housing & Dining Appeals Committee in their

    sole discretion.

f. If access to Dining is prohibited or discontinued and alternative dining options are not

   provided, then refunds, if any, would be subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.

Appeals will not be accepted during the last six weeks of the semester. Students must submit documentation supporting their request to the Appeals Committee before cancellation of a meal plan will be considered. Please refer to the Clemson Home website for additional information regarding supporting documentation.

If cancellation is granted, the Appeals Committee, in its sole discretion, will determine whether a refund will be awarded and the amount of such refund. Excluding withdrawal from the university, student will be required to pay all costs and fees related to termination of the meal plan.

Purchased Paw Points are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Unused meal swipes expire at the end of each semester. Refunds for unused meal swipes will not be issued.

Refunds for unused meal plans will not be issued at the end of the semester if a student fails to opt out prior to payment of tuition or drop the selected meal plan during the specified drop/change week during the semester. If a meal plan is no longer desired by upperclassmen, transfers, commuters, or graduate students, they must opt out via iROAR Optional Fees prior to paying tuition for the semester.

Students who withdraw from the University during the last six weeks of the semester are not entitled to a refund.

Summer Meal Plans: Summer meal plans are nonrefundable once purchased. 


5. Meal Plan Rollover Policy - Fall to Spring

All fall meal plan selections will automatically rollover as the meal plan selection for the spring semester and will be added to the spring tuition bill. Failure to review the spring student tuition bill does not constitute grounds for refund or cancellation.

You may change your meal plan selection for the spring semester in the Optional Fees section of iRoar once the University student bill is available. Changes must be made prior to making any form of tuition payment.

If a meal plan is no longer desired for the spring semester, upper-class students, transfers, or commuters that enrolled in a fall meal plan must opt out via the iROAR student account prior to paying tuition for the spring semester.

6. Paw Points

Paw Points are a purchased value (1 Paw Point = $1.00) and are stored on the TigerOne Card.

Purchased Paw Point values rollover semester to semester, until:
• Balance is depleted
• Account inactivity after 18 months
• Disaffiliation with the University (i.e., graduation, transfer, termination, withdrawal)

Paw Points associated with each meal plan will remain at the same price and value as if purchased at the beginning of the semester. Paw Points are not pro-rated when changing a meal plan. Purchased Paw Points are non-refundable and non-transferable.

7. Meal Plan Termination by the University

Upon reasonable notice and for good cause, the University reserves the right to terminate a meal plan for failure of the student to abide by its policies. Examples of good cause are a change in student status (including academic or disciplinary suspension) and failure to comply with the policies and regulations contained in the Dining brochure or official bulletins distributed by the University, which are hereby made a part of this agreement. The student will be responsible for all fees related to termination of the meal plan.

8. Right of the University to Prohibit Access

The University, in its sole discretion, may determine that it is in the best interest of the campus community to prohibit or restrict students access to campus dining due to exigent circumstances, including but not limited to, natural disasters (e.g., tornado, earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc.), war, terrorist act, strike, public health outbreak (e.g., pandemic or infectious disease outbreak), the student’s contraction of an infectious disease, fire, release of nuclear material or dangerous substance into the environment, other public health or safety concern, or the disruption of University operations. In the event a student’s access is prohibited or restricted, the University will determine whether alternative dining arrangements will be made available. Student understands, acknowledges and agrees that, in the event of dining access restriction or access prohibition, the University is not required to provide alternative dining arrangements and that the Resident’s obligations to pay the agreed upon meal plan or dining costs and fees are not excused nor are they contingent upon the University providing alternative dining arrangements.

9. Waiver and Release:

I understand and agree that as a student living on or near a university campus, attending class, dining on campus, and/or participating in other programs and activities at a university campus in close proximity to many other people, I run the risk of a communicable disease infection, including infection from COVID-19, that could cause serious illness or even death.  I also understand that there is a risk that due to a pandemic, wide-spread and/or highly infectious disease, in person courses could be changed to online delivery and facilities, including campus dining, could be closed at the direction of Clemson University or another local, state or federal governmental entity, and I could incur monetary losses or unexpected expenses as a result.  Despite these known risks, I choose to voluntarily attend courses, use campus dining, and participate in other programs and activities provided by Clemson University with full knowledge that said activities may be hazardous to me and my property.  I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risk of loss, monetary loss or personal injury, including serious illness or death, which may be sustained by me as a result of my participation.  I certify that I have adequate health insurance necessary to provide for and pay any medical costs that may directly or indirectly result from my attendance at Clemson University.  I understand and agree it is my responsibility to consult with my personal medical care providers about whether being in a public university setting is appropriate given my personal health history.  I understand and agree that it is my personal responsibility to comply with all health and safety directives issued by Clemson University and/or state, local or federal governmental entities.  I understand and agree that it is my personal responsibility to determine if I should take any further steps to protect my health and safety given my personal health history or that of any individuals I know, visit or cohabitate.  I understand and agree that I am personally responsible for all costs I may incur related to a pandemic or infectious disease in the event I become ill or there is a government or university ordered shelter in place, quarantine, self-isolation, closure of facilities or any other directive including but not limited to medical costs, housing costs, moving costs, food costs, transportation costs, loss of employment, technology costs, and etc.

On behalf of myself and my heirs and assigns, I hereby release, waive, and discharge Clemson University and its Board of Trustees, its officers, agents, employees and representatives from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, rights and causes of action of whatever kind or nature, that may result from or occur during my attendance in class, or participating in campus dining or any other activities at or sponsored by Clemson University that are caused by a pandemic or infectious disease or any related Clemson University or governmental health and safety directive. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Clemson University for any loss, liability, damage or costs, including court costs and attorney’s fees that may occur as a result of my negligent or intentional act or omission while attending class, or participating in campus dining or any other activities at or sponsored by Clemson University related to any pandemic or infectious disease or any Clemson University or governmental health and safety directive. 


10. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Students accept the terms and conditions of their selected meal plan upon initial tuition payment and processing of charges.