Clemson Dining Reusable Program FAQs


Diagram of Reusable Container Use Cycle


Is a reusable to-go program sanitary and safe?

Yes. Dining staff clean and sanitize all reusable containers in a high-temperature, sanitizing commercial dish machine. Single-use plastic and compostable items are not inherently safer than reusable containers.

Do I have to use a reusable container if I want a to-go meal?

Yes. Disposable to-go containers will not be offered at Schilletter or McAlister Dining Halls. You can choose to participate in the reusable program or dine in.


Where can I use my reusable container?

Schilletter Dining Hall and McAlister Dining Hall (Fresh Food Company), and The Community Hub (coming soon!).


How does the process work?

  1. Tell the cashier you’d like your meal to-go.
  2. Hand your OZZI token to the cashier.
  3. Fill and use your clean reusable container.
  4. When finished, empty your container of any leftover food or napkins.
  5. Bring used container to OZZI machine.
  6. Follow return instructions on the machine.
  7. Receive and keep OZZI token for next time.


Where can I return my used container?

You can return your used container to the OZZI machines located at each entrance of Schilletter Dining Hall, McAlister Dining Hall and The Community Hub (coming soon).


What if the OZZI machine malfunctions when I am returning my container?

Ask the cashier to alert a dining manager, who will help work through any issues.


Do I need to clean my used container before returning it?

You will need to empty your used container of any remaining waste (food, napkins, cutlery, etc.) before placing it in an OZZI machine. Dining staff will take care of cleaning and sanitizing the container.


How do the containers get cleaned?

Clemson Dining staff clean and sanitize reusable containers in the dining halls’ commercial dish machines.


Can I reuse my container without having it cleaned?

No. For health and safety purposes, only clean and sanitized OZZI containers can be used for to-go meals.


What do I do if I lose my token or my container?

You will need to buy back into the reusable program for $5. When you are ready for your next to-go meal, tell the cashier you want to buy into the reusable program. S/he will hand you a clean reusable container.


How do I enroll in the reusable program?

All meal-plan holders receive free enrollment in the program. If you do not have a meal plan but want a to-go meal, you will need to buy into the program for $5.


Where and how can I buy into or reenroll in the reusable program?

You can enroll in the reusable program at Schilletter and McAlister Dining Halls. When you are ready for your next to-go meal, tell the cashier you want to buy into the reusable program. S/he will hand you a clean reusable container and you will be charged $5. You can pay the enrollment fee with Paw Points, Tiger Stripe, credit, or debit.

What do I do with my token during academic or summer breaks?

You are responsible for holding onto your token throughout your enrollment at Clemson, including through the summer, academic breaks, and other periods when you may not be on campus. If you lose your token at any time, you will need to pay $5 to reenroll in the reusable to-go program.


I’m graduating. What do I do with my token?

To maximize the sustainability of the reusable program, we encourage graduating diners to return their tokens and token holders at the end of their last semester. Clemson Dining will manage a specific “return” process at Schilletter and McAlister Dining Halls to collect these items from graduating diners.


Can I bring my own reusable to-go container to use in dining?

No. To ensure that containers are properly cleaned and food safe, we will only permit the use of OZZI reusable containers that have been appropriately cleaned and sanitized by Clemson Dining staff.


Can I exchange a dirty container for a clean container instead of returning it to an OZZI machine?

No. All used containers must be returned to an OZZI machine. Cashiers and dining staff will not accept used containers.


Can I redeem a token for cash?



What are the environmental benefits of a reusable program?

A reusable program reduces single-use disposable waste and leads to reductions in harmful greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). The OZZI reusable containers are #5 plastic, so they can also be recycled in the University recycling system at the end of their useful lives.


Producing single-use plastics requires petroleum and is a GHG-heavy process. Even producing many environmentally-preferred materials—like paper or compostable fiber—can lead to destructive deforestation practices and require lots of energy to manufacture.


These single-use containers—and all the resources that went into them--are disposed of, usually in the landfill, after one use. This landfilled waste emits potent and harmful GHGs such as methane and carbon dioxide that contribute to global climate change.


Why did Clemson Dining implement a reusable program?

Clemson Dining adopted a reusable program to reduce waste, reduce negative environmental impact, and better align with the University’s strategic sustainability goals.



Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

Please contact Marcus Curry ( with questions or concerns.