If you would like more information, have questions about meal plans, or need help with anything involving on campus dining, please contact us:


Meal Plan Support

Email: clemsonhome@clemson.edu

Phone: 864-656-2295


Meal Plans and General Information

Nicole Godfrey, Marketing Manager, godfrey-nicole@aramark.com, 864-656-2164



Shannon Greene, Registered Dietitian, nutrition@clemson.edu, 864-656-9424


Dining Experience

Ric Patton, Food Service Director, Retail Campus Dining, patton-richard@aramark.com, 864-656-1033

Mike Thar, Food Service Director, Residential Campus Dining, thar-michael@aramark.com, (864) 656-9936



Pam Morgan, Catering Director, morgan-pamela@aramark.com, 864-656-4512


Visiting Group Reservations

Ric Patton, Food Service Director, Retail Campus Diningpatton-richard@aramark.com, 864-656-1033


Human Resources

Human Resources Office, 864-656-0951