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If you would like more information, have questions about Meal Plans, or need help with anything involving on campus dining, please contact us:


Meal Plans and General Information

Justin Ulmer, Marketing Assistant, ulmer-justin@aramark.com, 864-656-2166

Liz Sturgis, Marketing Manager, sturgis-elizabeth@aramark.com, 864-656-2164

Amanda Finch, District Marketing Manager, finch-amanda@aramark.com, 864-656-1237



Shannon Thompson, Registered Dietitian, nutrition@clemson.edu, 864-656-9424


Visiting Group Reservations

Teresa Moore, Office Manager, moore-teresa@aramark.com, 864-656-2120



Casey Finnen, Director of Catering, finnen-casey@aramark.com, 864-656-7851

Chris Tatum, Assistant Director of Catering, tatum-marcel@aramark.com, 864-656-9711


Dining Experience

Ric Patton, Food Service Director, Residential Dining, patton-richard@aramark.com, 864-656-1033

Anna Popko Wheat, Food Service Director, Retail Dining, popko-anna@aramark.com, 864-656-7413

Jermaine Bozier, Food Service Director, Douthit Hills Dining and Catering, bozier-jacob@aramark.com, 864-656-7851