Unlimited 300


  • Swipes Unlimited Meal Swipes per semester
  • Dollars $300 Paw Points
  • Guest Meals 15 Guest Meals
  • Key Dates 8/15/2023 - 12/22/2023
  • Sign up by logging in to the Clemson Home portal with your Clemson credentials at housing.clemson.edu
This includes unlimited visits to residential dining halls throughout the day for meals, snacks or even just to sit with friends - not just for big eaters! Grab what you want, when you want it or just go to socialize. Enjoy a pool of 300 Paw Points to use in any of our dining locations and 15 guest meals to use for friends and family.

*Proposed rates are for planning purposes only; rates awaiting Board of Trustee approval Summer 2023.