Fernow Street Café

Fernow Street Cafe Located on Fernow Street, between Riggs and Freeman Halls, this location is another popular place to grab food between classes or at mealtime. Choose from a large variety of toppings for your customized breakfast sandwich or burger with just the press of a button at Burger Studio, grab a Boar's Head Deli Sandwich with all the toppings, or pick up some breadsticks and marinara to go with that pizza from Papa John's...the options are endless!

Hours of Operation

Closed for Summer
Chick-fil-A and POD Express coming Fall 2017

Summer 2017 Hours
May 7-16
May 17-June 4
June 5-11
June 12-July 2
July 3-9

Fernow Street Café

201 Fernow Street
Clemson, SC 29634 US

Phone: (864) 656-1248

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201 Fernow Street
Clemson, SC 29634
Phone: (864) 656-1248